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Faizi Law Firm Advocacy & Consultancy was previously only based on Real Estate Services in the early 90s. With the passage of time, our service areas have gone broader and broader adding extremely polished & remarkable skills in this field.

Our attorneys have the experience to offer sensible advice in the fields of:

  • Purchase of Quality (Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Agricultural) Properties with the satisfaction of clean titles 

  • Complete Legal supervision to purchase a property from initial payment till accusation of possession 

  • Complete legal supervision to sell a property from initial payments till receiving full payment.


Residing out of the country or out of the city or not able to look after or maintain your precious real estate due to any reason then FAIZI LAW FIRM proudly presents 360 Degree solution. BUY YOUR PEACE OF MIND after hiring our services because YOUR ASSET IS NOW OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Our Services in Assets Management are as follows:

  • Fulfilment of all legal requirements in rented properties

  • In time Collection of Rent

  • All types of required maintenance work on the property

  • Monthly reports with Real Time Pictures in PDF format

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