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Faizi Law Firm with its effective team is providing services related to the asset management not only to the nationals but also Overseas Pakistanis.

We will assist our client to grow his income/wealth by working as a bridge between the client and his assets.

By acting as a third party we will protect, supervise, develop, maintain, operate, renovate, repair ,look- after, sell, check & balance, increase of value and up to date according to the advancement and dynamic conditions of the society while living within the ambit of law and order coupled with mitigating risks with well timed decisions to grow the finances and portfolio of the client’s assets on behalf of the client.

Our team is working in a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional channel to generate a system that helps to keep track the assets such as property either commercial, non-commercial and rented human dwellings.

We will also prepare monthly or annually reports of the property’s progress as per settlement or satisfaction of the client.  

Have a look at our services mentioned below:

  • All type of property renovations.

  • Renting the premises to good tenants

  • Intime rental payments

  • Drafting, Renewal & Cancellation of Rent Agreements in Legal Prospective

  • Hire our premium services in one package and buy you PEACE OF MIND

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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