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According to a survey, 1 Million Pakistanis are residing in USA. These people faced so many legal issues in Pakistan because they have no proper access to professional, competent and trustworthy attorneys in Pakistan and as a result, they stake their properties, assets, investments, precious documents or millions of rupees on risk.

We being USA's acknowledged attorneys in Pakistan providing Premium Real Estate services in Pakistan.

Have a look our services in the area of Real Estate mentioned below:

  • Real Estate Management Services

  • Complete Lock and Key Plan regarding Rented Properties

  • Complete assistance regarding Investment in Properties 

  • Complete assistance regarding Verification of Properties

  • Complete assistance regarding Purchase or Transfer of Properties

  • Secure Transaction while selling your properties

  • Services regarding all types of Real Estate Litigations

  • Ejectment Petitions regarding Rented Properties

  • & Much More

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